The Magic Spreadsheet, Competitive Word Counts, and Writing Consistency

So I joined The Magic Spreadsheet, which is a community of writers all in agreement to produce a minimum word count every day.

The purpose of the community is to promote consistency and routine, to get (and keep) its writers in the habit of…well, writing.

Also, it provides a little competition–and that can only ever be a good thing, right?

I won’t be posting daily word counts here. Follow the third book’s journey to completion on Tumblr.

The Magic SpreadsheetFirstly, Don’t worry, I know progress tables aren’t that interesting to those not directly involved with them. I won’t post these often, if ever again.

Secondly, The ISBW in brackets by my name is an indicator of how I came across this resource. ISBW stands for the “I Should Be Writing” podcast by Mur Lafferty, which is great for all authors, both published and aspiring.

In other news, I got “From The Ashes” back from the editor the other day with the line edits and a critique.

Good news, there wasn’t too much in dire need of revision.

Bad news, I don’t have much time to make the suggested changes, as I’ll have to order the paperback versions of the Advanced Reading Copies for the Goodreads giveaway before the end of the month.