“The Genesis” Release Information

Right, so the time is readily approaching for the release of my first* book, “The Genesis”, and I just thought I’d throw up some information regarding release dates and formats and whatnot.

First off, release date:

12th September 2012

Mark your calendars! Put reminders in your phones! Send out the carrier pigeons!

Now for the bad news. Sit down. Oh, you’re already sitting. Well, then…

“The Genesis” will, at first, be released in eBook format only.

I’m sorry. Don’t hit me!

Before you get out your pitchforks and torches and chase me into the woods screaming, “EBOOKS ARE GOING TO BE THE DEATH OF LITERATURE!”, let me explain.

I’m doing this for a number of reasons, including distribution and speed of release. The appealing thing about eBooks from a writer’s point of view is their (relative) ease of creation. I don’t have to worry about spine sizes, paper weight, or cost. Provided I create the book in the correct format (which I’ve also hear horror stories about, but I’m hoping my web design past might help me crawl though those trenches relatively unscathed), a release can be pretty immediate.

The reason I’m not doing it sooner is because I have a few minor tweaks that still need to be, well, tweaked. Also, I’d like to give it just one more read through before it’s released into the wild. And the reason I want to read it again is:


More fear-inducing than the idea that people just won’t like my writing style, or the story, or the characters, or me, is the thought that someone, somewhere will pick up a shiny paperback copy of The Genesis, only to find a typo on page 20.

And this isn’t to say that I’m trying to put out unfinished work. Ohhhhh, no. But authors and publishers the world over will tell you that there are typos in almost every book ever released.

I re-read the thing about three times. I also had a text-to-speech program read it to me while I read, making doubly sure that my eyes weren’t skimming or substituting any of the words (which is a marvellous–if somewhat time consuming–editing tip that I can’t recommend enough).

I paid my editors to clean up the manuscript, which they did all over the place.

I then had other people read the finished product, who found more typos we’d all missed. I have no doubt there will be more hiding in there somewhere, giggling like schoolgirls as they wait to trip up the unassuming reader who picks it up.

At $50 per revision, I’d rather hold off a month or so, check it again and again and again.

Where to Buy

As an indie author, there aren’t many options for pre-order.

That said, here are links to my Amazon and Smashwords profiles. Once the book is released, going to these will also get you links to the book itself. I’ll update with actual book links once it’s out:

Amazon (MOBI format) – Smashwords (EPUB format)

Kindle Reader Apps

I want to make it as easy as possible for readers to get a copy of this book (of course, that ideally would involve releasing a paperback edition, but let’s not nitpick).




You don’t need an e-reader in order to read e-books. You can get the Kindle App for free, which will work on any of the above formats (links take you to the Amazon site).

I think that’s about it for now.

Once the book’s actually released, I will start posting some extra bonus material o/

* It is my first book, written from scratch, but it is also technically a retelling of my older book, also called “The Genesis”, listed under the now defunct and unavailable Vampyr Snyper series title. For more information on this, including how to claim a free copy of the new book if you purchased the original, click here.