The Expo Was A Success!

So the weekend was a roaring success for me and Kier Gill at the MCM Expo in Manchester.

Here we are just after setting up all the things:

We were sandwiched between a MLP (My Little Pony) stand and an art print stand.

Kier’s zombie prints were a real eye catcher–you could literally see people eyeing them up and making a beeline to the table.

We were so unprepared it was almost funny. Kier called out at some point to get some elastic bands (which were, by the way, some of the shittest elastic bands ever. These things must’ve been around since the 1970’s or something–fairly confident they were older than me) and jiffy bags for his prints, since people were struggling to carry them away–at one point, we had to ask the lady on the print stand if we could have one of her bags.

The two adjacent stands seemed to be good people. The MLP guy (here’s his web site) bought one of my books, and the print stand couple were staring out chopped apples at lunch. It was a nice atmosphere.

But JESUS, was it hot. At the start it wasn’t so bad; there was a nice breeze coming from the lofty building. But then people just kept coming, and COMING.

We had to rearrange the table at various points, because things were not getting seen. Much to Kier’s surprise, the MLP stand was hella busy, and as such we were getting overspill from that side (despite the stand owner’s best efforts to steer people to his own stand).

We also had to move the bookmarks back, as people kept taking them–though in hindsight, I probably should’ve just let them go, since I still have a good number that will now be taking up space in my house. We did give plenty away for free with other purchases, and I had business cards that people were happy enough to take, but still, letting people take the bookmarks too would’ve spread the word even more.


I had only 4 books left at the end of the day. I don’t know how many comics Kier sold, but judging from the movement on the day, I’m guessing it was more than me–they were cheaper, and it was a comic convention. Still, it was great to be approached and asked about my book. I really enjoyed it.

The table got more attention after I’d set up the “It’s not like Twilight” sign.

Somebody also came up asking where I got my t-shirt from, and I drew a complete blank, but since I’ve remembered–it was from perdita00 at RedBubble.

All in all, a busy, exciting, and sweaty day!