Sexy Covers Part 2 (Now with Sexy Wallpapers!)

April Fools! I’m not really making anything sexier! 9/10 characters from the series would rather stab themselves in the eyes with their own fingers than touch one another. (Confused? See this post.)


I really, really, really hope no one prefers those new covers, and I’m petrified that people will. Maybe I could release these as some kind of “special edition” hardbacks or something, I dunno.

I do find it quite apt that the announcement got more views to my blog than any other post so far, and that includes the competition where I am giving shit away. It’s true, folks. Sex really does sell. Dirty pervs.

More changes I was originally going to put on that post (but then decided not to, because I wanted it to be believable and I think these go just a touch too far) included the following character/setting changes:

  • Catrina is no longer the struggling gun-for-hire when Fox finds her. Instead, she’s a prostitute, saved from life on the streets by the tall, dark handsome stranger. They no longer dance around the idea of “will they, won’t they”. In fact, they end up in bed on their first night together, and the majority of the first book becomes a tale of their fiery, turbulent relationship. As a result, 90% of “The Genesis” now takes place in Fox’s bedroom.
  • Speaking of whom, Fox was now a professional body-builder when he was human (that and a stripper at the weekends, but only so he could pay his way through college and get that law degree to make his mother proud), which gives him pectorals that dance as well as a permanent look of despondency to add to his ever-present scowl.
  • The Genesis is now driven by lust, not aggression.
  • Themisium is now an aphrodisiac.
  • The Archway Vicinity is now a brothel, as well as an experiment centre. The experiments are now sexy.

So yes, there we go. I just know this is going to backfire on me somehow, but anyway, I felt like having some fun.

If you’re so inclined, feel free to download the wallpapers (right-click on the link relative to your screen type and select “Save Link As”):



Happy April Fools’ Day!

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