Paperbacks Are Terrifyingly Final

A while back, I talked about how I didn’t want to release the paperback edition of “The Genesis” straight after finishing it, because I knew there’d be typos and the like. Well, after another two months’ worth of re-reading and proofing, the paperback is finally here.

The Genesis (Blood of Ages #1) by K. L. Kerr

You can totes buy this now:


I know there will still be typos hiding in there somewhere. I just know it.

My book has been through beta readers, through an editor, and re-read by yours truly too many times to mention. And still, at the final proofreading stage, there were a total of 149 changes. Granted, a large portion of these were formatting issues, but that figure includes sixteen typos. Sixteen. Six-teen. Six and ten.

That includes wrong uses of the words “bated” and “spurned”. Five beta readers and an editor didn’t pick those up. And this is after the Great Find/Replace Debacle, whereby I managed to change any reference of Genesis’s to Genesis’s’s (or something to that effect) and then released that into the world.

But then that’s the magic of eBooks. Made a boo-boo? No problemo! Just whack up the changes and notify people to update their version. Granted, it still doesn’t look great to the people who originally bought it when you go around making stupid mistakes, but I imagine it’s easier to forgive when you can just replace it with an undated edition instead of a lump of a dead tree, where those errors will live forever.

It just reaches a point where you have to let it go, move on, accept that nothing can be absolutely perfect. Otherwise, I’d still be proofing it next year, and probably the year after. I can’t be proofreading ad infinitum. I have other books to write, to have edited and beta read and proofread and to send out into the ether, most likely with mistakes in those, too.

So yes, it’s out there.


I love you all.