Five Days to Go! (+ Pre-Order Information)

Holy shit, it’s getting close! I’m all excited and terrified and giddy and nauseous.

In anticipation of the thousands hundreds tens of sales I’m predicting, I’ve decided to offer a pre-order option for those of your just aching to get your greasy mitts on this book.

The Genesis (Blood of Ages #1) by K. L. Kerr

Click here to Pre-Order*

I’ll also be putting up a PDF sample over the weekend, so those of you who haven’t yet been won over by my charming personality and winning smile can get a taster for the book itself.

I keep saying this so much that it’s becoming something of a catch phrase, but it bears repeating: THESE ARE EXCITING TIMES, PEOPLE. Get your party hats on, because it’s about to go WILD.

* Pre-orders will be e-mailed in the chosen format to the e-mail address provided through PayPal, at midnight GMT on 12th September 2012.