Divided They Fall, Draft One* Begins

I am going to be working on “Divided They Fall (Blood of Ages, #2)” from now until I get the edited version of “From The Ashes” back at the end of August.

I’ve been trying to find a song to best summarise all the next book, but it’s hard.

A lot happens in Divided They Fall: it’s easily the busiest of the three novels. Readers get to see other sides of the war. The world gets bigger. New characters arrive. Old characters leave. The order shifts. The field gets levelled.

Basically, shit goes down.

I think the below summarises the story’s sentiment quite well, although I do have some backup tracks.

In all, I’m hoping to get the first draft of Divided They Fall finished by the end of November.

* This isn’t technically the first draft, since I’ve had bits of this story floating around since 2010. However, I’m planning on writing an almost “from scratch” draft, so it’s basically the same thing.

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