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April Fools! I’m not really making anything sexier! 9/10 characters from the series would rather stab themselves in the eyes with their own fingers than touch one another. (Confused? See this post.) Ahahahahaha. I really, really, really hope no one prefers those new covers, and I’m petrified that people will. Maybe I could release these as some kind of “special edition” hardbacks or something, I dunno. I do find it quite apt that the announcement got more views to my blog than any other post so far, and that includes the competition where I am giving shit away. It’s true, folks. Sex really does sell. Dirty pervs. More changes I was originally going to put on that post (but then decided not to, because I wanted it to be believable and I think these go just a touch too far) included the following character/setting changes: Catrina is no longer the struggling…

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