Category: The ‘Blood of Ages’ Series

  • Blood of Ages Twenty Years Later…

    On the 12 day of the month of March, in the year of our Lord 2000, the Vampyr Snyper Blood of Ages series was born, and the rest is history. That’s right. It’s 20 years to the day that I started writing what is now the Blood of Ages series. Or maybe it’s 20 years […]

  • Divided They Fall, Draft One* Begins

    I am going to be working on “Divided They Fall (Blood of Ages, #2)” from now until I get the edited version of “From The Ashes” back at the end of August. I’ve been trying to find a song to best summarise all the next book, but it’s hard. A lot happens in Divided They […]

  • The Expo Was A Success!

    So the weekend was a roaring success for me and Kier Gill at the MCM Expo in Manchester. Here we are just after setting up all the things: We were sandwiched between a MLP (My Little Pony) stand and an art print stand. Kier’s zombie prints were a real eye catcher–you could literally see people […]

  • Expo Updates, Bookmarks, Books, Comics, and More*!

    * Well, no, not more. That’s it. But that should be enough! So here’s the inventory we will have with us at the Manchester MCM Expo on Saturday (wow, time has flown!): I will be signing everything. The books, comics, bookmarks,¬†scraps of paper, people’s faces… I’m really looking forward to this, and having never done […]

  • Blood of Ages at Manchester MCM Expo – Manchester Comic Con

    I will be attending Manchester Comic Con with Kier Gill on the 20th July 2013. I’ll be selling my books (obviously). He’ll be selling the first issue of the Blood of Ages graphic novel (and some pictures of zombies or whatever else he feels like selling–I don’t know, I’m not his mother). You can buy […]

  • Site Change (AGAIN!)

    Those who know me know I love websites. I’m like a gnome (World of Warcraft, not Garden, variety) in that respect: I love to tinker. So I’ve done (yet another) overhaul of my sites, and reorganised my “online presence” into something more segregated, like so: I’m keeping my books, and news specifically about my books, […]