Category: Blood of Ages #1 – The Genesis

  • I’m Going on (Virtual) Tour!

    In association with Bewitching Book Tours, from the 1st to the 15th of March 2013, I will be whoring myself around various book blog sites on the Interwebz to promote “The Genesis” and also to do other, more interesting, things. Spotlights, Interviews, Guest Blogs, Reviews…you’ll get to see them all! Oh my glob*, this is so […]

  • Paperbacks Are Terrifyingly Final

    A while back, I talked about how I didn’t want to release the paperback edition of “The Genesis” straight after finishing it, because I knew there’d be typos and the like. Well, after another two months’ worth of re-reading and proofing, the paperback is finally here. You can totes buy this now: Paperback from Amazon.com […]

  • Updating Like It’s Hot

    So…it’s been a while since I did a proper update. In short, life’s been weird the last few months. I’ll probably go into detail on my personal blog once the dust has settled. In the meantime, here’s some updated links to updated versions of “The Genesis”, which now has significantly less typos and other errors. […]

  • ‘The Genesis’ is Unleashed! (Plus Free Sample Chapters!)

    My book is out! My book is out! My book is out! My book is out! My book is out! My book is out! My book is out! My book is out! My book is out! My book is out! My book is out! My book is out! My book is out! My book is out! My book is out! Did I mention that my book is out? GO […]

  • Five Days to Go! (+ Pre-Order Information)

    Holy shit, it’s getting close! I’m all excited and terrified and giddy and nauseous. In anticipation of the thousands hundreds tens of sales I’m predicting, I’ve decided to offer a pre-order option for those of your just aching to get your greasy mitts on this book. Click here to Pre-Order* I’ll also be putting up a […]

  • “The Genesis” Release Information

    Right, so the time is readily approaching for the release of my first* book, “The Genesis”, and I just thought I’d throw up some information regarding release dates and formats and whatnot. First off, release date: 12th September 2012 Mark your calendars! Put reminders in your phones! Send out the carrier pigeons! Now for the […]

  • Don’t Break the Chain (from the Editing Frontline)

    So I’m ploughing through what promises to be the final ever edit I do (before it goes to an editor–that’s right, an actual editor that I have to pay in cash and not in promises of love and devotion) of The Genesis, and it’s painful. See, last October, when I had this oh-so-amazing idea to […]

  • Announcement: Book Covers with a Sexy Twist!

    So I know the other week I asked for some feedback on my latest book covers. For those interested, the feedback was unanimous, and people preferred the covers without the pretty people on them. However, shortly after I posted that blog, I got into a Skype conversation with Muse, and we discussed the importance of […]

  • Let’s Talk About Covers, Baby

    The latest edit of “The Genesis” is off sunning itself with the Muse (a.k.a. being torn to pieces). When I get it back, I expect the manuscript to be a trembling, terrified, but wholly improved draft, ready for me to take another (and final) bash at it. While I wait for its return, I’m considering […]

  • A Taste of Beta Feedback (Why Opinions Matter & Why You Will Never Please Everyone)

    So I finished my latest edit of “The Genesis” about two hours ago. These are exciting times, people. While I haven’t had all my feedback yet, the results I did have from the quicker betas as well as the subsequent input from The Muse has yielded a very decent second draft already. To celebrate, I read […]