Category Archives: Blood of Ages #1.2 – A Demon’s Share

Apologies for my recent absence on social media. I’ve been mostly offline, chillaxing, recovering, and generally soul-searching, which has so far resulted in the possibilty that I don’t have one. I also spent many hours watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which I still can’t decide if I like or not after four and a half seasons. And I’ve been speaking to my proofers and going over the small army of typos that made it through to ARC stage, including my possible favourite, referencing a scooter as a Vesper (which is a cocktail) instead of a Vespa (which is what I meant). I thought I’d already corrected that one, but evidently not! As well as a few instances of rearranging word order. I have nothing with which to defend myself, other than to say I can be an idiot, at times. Anyway, I’ve put all the changes I’ve had so far…

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