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Apologies for my recent absence on social media.

I’ve been mostly offline, chillaxing, recovering, and generally soul-searching, which has so far resulted in the possibilty that I don’t have one. I also spent many hours watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which I still can’t decide if I like or not after four and a half seasons.

And I’ve been speaking to my proofers and going over the small army of typos that made it through to ARC stage, including my possible favourite, referencing a scooter as a Vesper (which is a cocktail) instead of a Vespa (which is what I meant). I thought I’d already corrected that one, but evidently not!

As well as a few instances of rearranging word order. I have nothing with which to defend myself, other than to say I can be an idiot, at times.

Anyway, I’ve put all the changes I’ve had so far in now, and I’m probably going to take some time to do a reverse read this weekend (a reverse read, as you may have worked out, is when you read the book from the end to the beginning, a sentence at a time, which better helps spot typos without being as distracted by the story itself).

I’m taking this one last weekend to relax and recoup, and then I’ll be picking up where I left off with the next book.

I’ll be spending my free time attending my baby sister’s 3rd birthday party (oh God, small children), and also cleaning out my bin-on-wheels Fiat 500 ready for it going back on Wednesday.

I’m not going to miss this car. Out of the three I’ve had, it’s been my least favourite.

Yes, it’s cute, but then that’s mostly the problem. I command no authority in it whatsoever, especially with its ridiculous horn that doesn’t so much blare as much as kind of toot, “Excuse me, I don’t think you realise you’re in my way.” And I have enough of a Napoleon Complex as it is, I don’t need a car that accentuates my inferiority–a nice, big car will do away with that anxiety.

So yes, I won’t shed any tears at having to give it back.

Yeah, Yeah, Nobody Cares. What About Your Next Book?

I’ll start resume work on Divided They Fall from Monday, 30th September.

I will get back into the routine of minimum word counts, time counts, and I’ll be logging it all on a public Google Docs spreadsheet and on my Tumblr, so if you give that much of a shit, feel free to follow/like/reblog/show support.

I appreciate it all.

Finally, here’s how the rest of the year should pan out for me:

  • October to November 2013 – Creating the initial draft of Divided They Fall. [track]
  • December 2013 – Creating an initial draft of the first Blood of Ages short story, A Demon’s Share. [track]

And that’s it! Hope all is well with you =)

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