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Reviews for “The Genesis”

The story is unique and fresh look on a vampire based plot. Delving into vampire mythology and origins, we see a dark and violent world where you might be sacrificed for the good of the many and/or fight for their right to live. […] This is a modern day vampire tale for the reader who likes their vampires more like Anne Rice depiction than Stephenie Meyer.

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You need to read this book right now.

The Mad Reviewer
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This was ultimately one of the best vampires books I have read in a very long time. I feel that so much of the vampire genre is distorted into making vampires seem weak, redeemable, and romantic. […] This story is rough, raw, gritty, and full of something that is lacking in so many books of its genre–just keeping it real. […] I get more right?

Future Slayer Girl
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I found this book a lot of fun to read and most importantly, it had me wanting to read the next book! Highly recommend for people who like their vampires with a bit of violence and a lot of mystery and NO TEEN ANGST.

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Finally a vampire book without a lot of romance! […] The biggest issue I have is that I’ve found this author too soon. I enjoy reading several books from a series in a row, that’s not possible yet. […] I look forward to seeing the other books the author intends to write.

Michael Graham
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I did really like this story and this world that the author created. The end was left open to endless possibilities that could take place in book two. I can’t wait to pick it up when it’s available!

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Reviews for “From the Ashes”

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