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  • Blood of Ages Twenty Years Later…

    Blood of Ages Twenty Years Later…

    On the 12 day of the month of March, in the year of our Lord 2000, the Vampyr Snyper Blood of Ages series was born, and the rest is history. That’s right. It’s 20 years to the day that I started writing what is now the Blood of Ages series. Or maybe it’s 20 years […]

  • The Bad News

    I’ve been trying to find the gentlest way to address this, and–well–there isn’t one, so here’s the thing: My third book, and the second in the Blood of Ages series, “Divided They Fall”, isn’t going to be ready for the beta draft on the date I originally planned, at the end of September. Please don’t […]

  • Divided They Fall: The Beta Outreach Program

    The opt-in to be a beta reader for Divided They Fall (Blood of Ages, #2) will be coming in the next few days. (Subscribers only. You can signup here.)

  • Shit Just Got Real (The Beta Draft Begins)

    Shit Just Got Real (The Beta Draft Begins)

    So a couple of weekends ago, Muse and I got together for one of our usual writer’s weekends. Amongst other–more important–revelations over that weekend, I learned that I don’t actually hate vodka and orange juice, as I’ve always thought since I tried it as a teenager, but rather that vodka is just a tricky beast that hides inside […]

  • ‘Divided They Fall’ is FINISHED*!

    * Put the streamers away. It’s only the first draft. I’ve been waiting SO LONG to be able to make this post. Ahem. I FINISHED THE FIRST DRAFT OF DIVIDED THEY FALL LAST NIGHT! You have no idea how freaking happy I am right now. I’m still on a high. Last night, I slept SO […]

  • Extending Deadlines

    Alright, nobody freak out, but I’m pushing back the self-imposed deadline of the first draft of Divided They Fall to mid March. I have been working on this book more-or-less non-stop since November 2013. I need a break. I know people are waiting for this book (which is something that freaks me the fuck out. […]

  • I Apologise in Advance

    I have set myself the challenging (but by no means impossible) task of completing the remaining 60k~ words of the first draft of my third book for NaNoWriMo this year. As a result, November will be a stressful month for me while I try to extract all these conflicting ideas from my brain and kind […]

  • From The Ashes (Blood of Ages) is Out Now!

    From The Ashes, my second book, and the first Blood of Ages companion novel, is out now! Yay!

  • Bring It Back

    Apologies for my recent absence on social media. I’ve been mostly offline, chillaxing, recovering, and generally soul-searching, which has so far resulted in the possibilty that I don’t have one. I also spent many hours watching It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which I still can’t decide if I like or not after four and a […]

  • And I’m DONE, You Guys!

    What is UP?! So I finished the final proofing yesterday, and I’ve put the order in for the paperback ARCs today. My army of proofers are currently reading through the eARCs, ferreting out all the final typos that inevitably slipped my attention. I’m so happy to have this book finished, more than the first one, […]

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