Monthly Archives: September 2014

I’ve been trying to find the gentlest way to address this, and–well–there isn’t one, so here’s the thing: My third book, and the second in the Blood of Ages series, “Divided They Fall”, isn’t going to be ready for the beta draft on the date I originally planned, at the end of September. Please don’t cry. I won’t bore you with background as to why this book won’t be ready for deadline. Let’s just say that the story was going in the wrong direction, and fortunately, I picked it up before it reached a stage where I couldn’t fix it. Unfortunately, these wrong directions are not an easy fix. They’re an entire re-write fix…like, all the scenes, everything I’ve been working on for the last twelve months, my precious baby…it’s all got to go. I know that there are (a handful of) people out there in the world who are waiting for this next book. I…

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