Monthly Archives: June 2013

I will be attending Manchester Comic Con with Kier Gill on the 20th July 2013. I’ll be selling my books (obviously). He’ll be selling the first issue of the Blood of Ages graphic novel (and some pictures of zombies or whatever else he feels like selling–I don’t know, I’m not his mother). You can buy tickets to the Expo here. We will be at table P5. (Here’s a map) If you are coming, you are more than welcome to come and say hi. Just don’t be offended if I don’t talk to you, or look at you awkwardly and smile awkwardly and then wait awkwardly for you to leave. I’m an introvert by nature–the entire day will be absolute torture for me. Maybe I’ll see you there! o/

Those who know me know I love websites. I’m like a gnome (World of Warcraft, not Garden, variety) in that respect: I love to tinker. So I’ve done (yet another) overhaul of my sites, and reorganised my “online presence” into something more segregated, like so: I’m keeping my books, and news specifically about my books, right here. I’m putting everything specific to the Blood of Ages universe (character profiles and setting information) over at DaysonCity.com (although that’s under construction right now: check it out soon!) Everything else (my flash fiction, my reviews, my random fits of rage, my bizarre fixation with anthropomorphic cartoon animals from the late 80’s and early 90’s) will now be on my blog over at KLKerr.com. I can’t promise this will be the last time I mess around with the sites like this. I can’t even pretend, because I wouldn’t be able to keep a straight face. TL:DR Want to…

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