Monthly Archives: December 2012

A while back, I talked about how I didn’t want to release the paperback edition of “The Genesis” straight after finishing it, because I knew there’d be typos and the like. Well, after another two months’ worth of re-reading and proofing, the paperback is finally here. You can totes buy this now: Paperback from Amazon.com Paperback from Amazon.co.uk   I know there will still be typos hiding in there somewhere. I just know it. My book has been through beta readers, through an editor, and re-read by yours truly too many times to mention. And still, at the final proofreading stage, there were a total of 149 changes. Granted, a large portion of these were formatting issues, but that figure includes sixteen typos. Sixteen. Six-teen. Six and ten. That includes wrong uses of the words “bated” and “spurned”. Five beta readers and an editor didn’t pick those up. And this…

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