Month: April 2012

  • Sexy Covers Part 2 (Now with Sexy Wallpapers!)

    April Fools! I’m not really making anything sexier! 9/10 characters from the series would rather stab themselves in the eyes with their own fingers than touch one another. (Confused? See this post.) Ahahahahaha. I really, really, really hope no one prefers those new covers, and I’m petrified that people will. Maybe I could release these as […]

  • Announcement: Book Covers with a Sexy Twist!

    So I know the other week I asked for some feedback on my latest book covers. For those interested, the feedback was unanimous, and people preferred the covers without the pretty people on them. However, shortly after I posted that blog, I got into a Skype conversation with Muse, and we discussed the importance of […]