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April Fools! I’m not really making anything sexier! 9/10 characters from the series would rather stab themselves in the eyes with their own fingers than touch one another. (Confused? See this post.) Ahahahahaha. I really, really, really hope no one prefers those new covers, and I’m petrified that people will. Maybe I could release these as some kind of “special edition” hardbacks or something, I dunno. I do find it quite apt that the announcement got more views to my blog than any other post so far, and that includes the competition where I am giving shit away. It’s true, folks. Sex really does sell. Dirty pervs. More changes I was originally going to put on that post (but then decided not to, because I wanted it to be believable and I think these go just a touch too far) included the following character/setting changes: Catrina is no longer the struggling…

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So I know the other week I asked for some feedback on my latest book covers. For those interested, the feedback was unanimous, and people preferred the covers without the pretty people on them. However, shortly after I posted that blog, I got into a Skype conversation with Muse, and we discussed the importance of striking, enticing book covers. Then, as women in their late twenties are prone to doing, we started talking about sex. Now, we all know sex sells. That goes without saying. Sit a half-naked woman on your car and BOOM, suddenly the car’s just as desirable as the boobs and backside draped over it. It’s like magic. With that in mind, I decided to do something a little…erm…drastic. I decided to “spice up” the the Blood of Ages covers. You might be thinking, “But there is no sex in Blood of Ages. Everyone practically hates each other.” And,…

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