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The latest edit of “The Genesis” is off sunning itself with the Muse (a.k.a. being torn to pieces). When I get it back, I expect the manuscript to be a trembling, terrified, but wholly improved draft, ready for me to take another (and final) bash at it. While I wait for its return, I’m considering my options with regards to the book cover. I’d like some opinions on the below designs, prompted by feedback I’ve already had. I myself am torn. I love both covers for different reasons. On the one hand, the model I have for the cover is absolutely ideal for the part of Catrina, and I like the idea of giving the reader an idea of the main character before they’ve started reading. In terms of the series as a whole, having the girls on the 3 books surrounding Catrina’s story work well to indicate the progression…

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So I finished my latest edit of “The Genesis” about two hours ago. These are exciting times, people. While I haven’t had all my feedback yet, the results I did have from the quicker betas as well as the subsequent input from The Muse has yielded a very decent second draft already. To celebrate, I read through some of the comments I had from my beta readers so far with regards to this first major edit, after which I felt like sharing. While I asked for feedback on everything in this draft (characters, settings, general story, etc); the most interesting for me was discovering what people thought about the people I’d invented. Some opinions were shared (bear in mind none of the betas know each other – well, two do, technically, but I’m fairly sure they didn’t discuss it). For example, the general consensus of one character was about the same,…

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